Black Jacket Fibre Optic

Fiber Optic

  • Black Jacket Fibre Optic
Black Jacket Fibre Optic Feature:
Flexible and Twistable, Allowable Bending Radius is 10mm
No Heat Emit, No Ultraviolet, No Electric, Safety For Inflammable and Explosive Occasions, Safety For Under-water
Size: 0.75, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm,2.5mm, 3.0mm
Application: Widely Used in Swimming Pool,Floor Fiber Sky Ceiling,Starry Sky Ceiling,Home Cinema, Car Ceiling  etc.

Model Inner Dia.
Outer Dia.
Length (Meters/Roll) Material PVC Sheath Color Remark
OV-PEOF-0.75 0.75 1.5 900 PMMA Yes Black Black Jacket
OV-PEOF-1.0 1 2.5 700 PMMA Yes Black
OV-PEOF-1.5 1.5 3.2 500 PMMA Yes Black
OV-PEOF-2.0 2 4 350 PMMA Yes Black
OV-PEOF-3.0 3 5 150 PMMA Yes Black


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