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Fiber Optic Curtain Feature:
1. Flexibility
Fiber optic cable are flexible and can be shaped to conform to almost any curve design.
2. Durability
PMMA Optical fibers are strong, durable and impact resistant compared with fragile light bulbs.
3. UV & IR Control
Fiber optic cable transmits only cool light filtering out harmful levels of ultra violet ans infra red radiation. This allows safe illumination of perishable items, antiques, fine arts, sensitive textiles and finishes.
4. Color Changing
Most power advantage is its color changing ability, creating pleasant ambient depending on individual perference can be preset to gradual changing sequence.
5. Sparking Animation
Fiber optic lights can creat a more realistic sparking & twinkling effect, from subtle to animation plus feasibility to creat shooting star pattern.
6. Low Maintenance and energy saver
7.Customized&Bespoke Design Bespoke Unique Design For The Project Or Home.
With the use of Side Sparkle fibre cable, the curtain will light up throughout it's entire length creating an amazing visual feast. An assortment of Crystal end fittings are also available up request.

 Item Base Fiber Optic  Power Color Voltage Warranty Remark
OV-FCL Acrylic/Stainless Steel Spakle Fiber Optic0.75/1.0/3*0.75mm 7/16/45/75/100W 7 Changing Color AC100-240V 2 Years Customized LOGO,Customized Picture,Customized Shape Is Aveailibl


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