75&100W Fiber Light Source

Fiber Light Source

  • 75&100W Fiber Light Source
75/100w Light Source Feature
-Instant Power On
-Tiny Size And Easy For The Light Installation
-Smooth Program, Energy saving, Low heat, No Noise
-Long life: 50000Hrs
-Multiple Function effect: Twinkle, Blink, Jumping,Gradual Changing est.
-16 Kinds Changing Color At RF Remote Control Function Or 8 Kinds Changing Colors At Wireless Control Function 
-Operating Temperature: -10℃~75℃
-Storage Temperature: -20℃~100℃
-Application:For Fiber Optic Light est.

 Power Body Color  Type  Coupling Head Voltage Material Lifespan  Package weight  Package Size Warranty
75/100W Black  Cree LED  30mm AC100-240V Aluminum 50000H 3.5 kg  300*196*76mm 2 Years
0.75mm 1200pcs 75/100W Connector Capacitor
1.0mm 600pcs
1.5mm 300pcs
2.0mm 150pcs
2.5mm 75pcs
3.0mm 38pcs

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